2015 Review: Olive Garden

Price Range
·         Kids Meals: $5 - $6
·         Lunch: $12 average
·         Dinner: $18 average
·         Deserts: $3 - $8
·         Non-Alcoholic Beverages: $3 - $5

In general I like Olive Garden. They are by no means the best Italian food restaurant out there, but they have good food at okay prices. Most important for me is the great job the do providing nutrition and food allergy information (http://www.olivegarden.com/nutrition#food-allergies). For this alone I would give them an A+.

To be specificI was at the Maplewood, MN Olive Garden for lunch…

The service on the day I was there was good. The food came out right away and was warm. The interior building was clean. The server was nice. Nothing struck me as being terrible or needing to be fixed. At the same time, nothing struck me as being amazing.

My trip to the Maplewood Olive Garden left me feeling satisfied and slightly over stuffed. Their breed sticks are a not so healthy, yet delicious comfort food. My final grade for this restaurant is a solid B.

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