The 2015 MN State Fair: It's a $1 thing

Each year you can find a variety of items at the fair for $1 or less. Not a lot of items, but enough to make a trip to the fair a little less expensive. Below is the fairs list of Buck or Less items, along with a few comments from me.

Caramel Apples, Cotton Candy, Sno Kones (This $1 snokone may be small, but it is the perfect size for a warm day and a fun fair treat.)
·         sno kone

Dairy Goodness Bar (My kids love to stop by here and pick up some cheese or a yogurt. We save our milk purchase for the all you can drink spot)
·         8 oz milk (chocolate or white)
·         1 oz. cheese stick (cheddar, mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, pepper jack)
·         6 oz. yogurt
·         4 oz. Greek yogurt

Daryl's Dog House (I’ve never been here. Chips at the fair, just aren’t my thing.)
·         Bags of chips

Frontier Bar (Another deal I have not tried yet. This year it’s on our list.)
·         Frontier Dog
·         24 oz. popcorn
·         cup of salted in shell peanuts

ICandy Sugar Shoppe (If you have little kids this might be fun. We prefer the fudge on a stick blue ribbon book coupon)
·         candy necklaces

Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice (I honestly have no idea what this deal is for. I’m going to try and find out this year. If you’ve been here, please leave a comment and let me know what you think)
·         Quick Cooking Wild Rice

Rutana's Hot Apple Dumplings (My husband gets free coffee with his breakfast burrito purchase in the morning. Unless it’s an unusually cold day, there is no need for our family to stop here for coffee.)
·         Coffee

Ultimate Confections (This is my favorite place on the list. I recommend a stop here for everyone. I think these are the most perfect sized, best deal, sweet treat at the fair.)
·         Dipped pretzels, marshmallows, licorice, s’mores, cow pops

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