There is a serious illness going around. It starts with a sore right ankle. Then it moves to a limp in your left leg. All of a sudden you can't move your leg and you have to drag it behind your body. It's scary because the limp leg goes from left to right to left again. Then there is relief and you can gallop, but only because you don't need to really bend your legs to do it. After resting it gets much worse. You can't walk up stairs or hold your upper body up. You collapse to the floor. When no one is looking you can pull off a fairly nice dance routine. The worst part of this terrible illness comes at bedtime. You all of a sudden have knee pain, your head hurts, go "blind", you can't walk, pain overcomes your arms, you feel dizzy, you can't hear, you stomach hurts, and you feel like you might throw up. Apparently there are two ways to cure this illness. The 1st according to a seven year old is go to the hospital. The second one is a little more cost effective. All you to is lower your eyebrows, change the tone of your voice, and say "Go to bed, NOW." poof... Instantly all better.

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