"Abandoned America"

Tonight we cuddled up in bed and turned on a documentary. It's just something we do for fun. Our pick "Abandoned America". It sounds safe. A little history. A little questioning. A little learning. A little unexpected questioning after this... "The town was made up of 90% men, and half of the women were PROSTITUTES." Yes, they emphasized prostitutes. Then they talked about them three more times emphasizing the word. Who does that? You can use the word prostitute in a sentence without yelling it. Any Ways... Charles sits up and says "What's a prostitute?" I was going to tell him in my own special way, but right before I did, I laughed and said "Ask your daddy." Ha I can wait to hear what he tells them. The best part so far has been William who instantly called me on it and said "I bet you don't know what it is?" to him I replied "Your right, but your daddy is extra smart and he can tell you." They are now sleeping on daddy's side of the bed, waiting for him to come home and tell them what a prostitute is.

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