The Printer is My Friend

16 year old: Mom something is wrong with the printer. My computer said it is out of something.
Me: Did you check the paper?
16 year old: Its not the paper.
Me: Is it the ink levels?
16 year old: It's not the ink levels. Its something else.
Me: Did you check the ink levels.
16 year old: It's not the ink levels.
Me: The last time I used the printer it was running low on black ink. Try to print again and select the option that mixes colored ink for black.
16 year old: It's not the ink levels and besides you can do what you just said, its not possible, you don't know what your talking about.
Me: Okay, I hear you are telling me the printer is out of something. It is not ink or paper.
16 year old: That's what I said.
Me: Then what is it out of.
16 year old: I don't know, that's why I told you.
Me: It's a simple home printer. It can either be out of ink or paper, there are no other options. I think you should go upstairs and look at the printer.
16 year old: You are not getting it. The printer us out of something else.
Me: What! Please tell me what it's out of. No, don't, just email me what you want to print and I will do it for you.
16 year old: It won't work.
Me: Just email it to me. (Yes, I did yell that)
... I go upstairs to print the papers off my computer only to find them sitting on the printer already printed...

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