So... This happened.

 I get a call from the school. William has a headache and just broke out into a fever. I pick him up. He's feeling better, so I take him to Culvers. He earned a free kids meal at school. We order. We sit down. He eats his Apple sauce and drinks his tea. He's feeling sleepy. We Pack up the burger and order his ice cream to go. We stood there waiting for the ice cream for forever or about four minutes depending on how you look at it. They hand the cup to me. I look down. William is making a fish face. I say "what's wrong." He tips his head up and mumbles "I just threw up in my mouth." I had him run to the men's room. Over the next ten minutes I watch the door slightly open and close three times, but he never comes out. His ice cream was 100% melted by the time he finally left the restroom. He looked at me and said "great I just threw up my Apple sauce and medicine." I took him to the car. He said nothing, not a word more until half way home. When he speaks again, he asks "Do you think I should have told someone I threw up all over the floor and in the sink?"

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