Buffalo Wild Wings

The place, Buffalo Wild Wings. The time 11:15 am. I walk in the door to a friendly, but overly happy host who greets me with “Just one.”

On my way to my booth I notice the floor is a mess. There is paper and food under almost all of the tables. My booth had two seats, one clean and one with garbage on it. I contemplated talking photos, but decided to just go with the dirty flow.

My server was nice. She made chit chat, asked me if I wanted an appetizer and took my beverage order, an unsweetened tea for $2.79. During or time talking I mentions I was not in the mood for an appetizer, but would consider dessert later on. My beverage came and I ordered my meal off the lunch menu. The lunch menu is a good value. There are three different price ranges; $5.99, $6.99, and $7.99. You pick a lunch sized entree and a side. I went small and as healthy as I could for BWW. The food only took 5 minutes to arrive. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. My beverage was refilled. It was then my positive relationship with my server started to take a turn for the disappointing and slightly odd. Seven bites into my meal she drops off my check. I realize it was lunch time, but I was one of five people in the restaurant. There is also the issue of me saying at the beginning that I would be getting dessert. My two biggest frustrations when eating out are not refilling my water glass and not asking if I want dessert. Once you hand me the check, it is over for me. I will pay my bill and go somewhere else for anything thing else I was planning on purchasing at that meal.

The dirty floor was starting to get to me. From my table, I could see all three servers standing by the kitchen having conversation. No one was picking up the floor.

“If you have time to talk, you have time to clean.”

I finish my food before I even glance at my bill. The total is $9.42. I have a $20, so I ask for change. My server refills my tea again. I never had to ask, she just kept it full and to me that is great customer service. Then she does something odd. My change comes back, $12. For a second I thought I was losing my mind. I had to pull out my calculator to confirm my mental math (20-9.42=10.58). She gave me $12 back. Many servers will round up to avoid giving change, but she just rounded up $1.42. As I am contemplating how much I need to leave her in tip and at the same time return the extra $1, she walks up to me and asks “Did you want to add on a dessert?” What! No, I’ve paid already and you gave me my change. I politely explained I thought she rounded up $1 too much and I included that dollar (and the 42 cents) back into her tip. She looks at me and says, “I know, I do that sometimes.”

Let’s think about this. Let’s say I am not an honest person. Let’s say I never waited tables before. Let’s say I didn’t suck at it and find it the most difficult job, ever. My bill including tax was $9.42. Twenty percent of that is $1.89. She gave me $1.42 too much in change. If I would have thrown down a $2 tip (over 20%), she would have only received a 58 cent tip. I cannot leave a $2 for a lunch, so I made it $3 and gave her another $1.5 to cover the amount she over changed me.  

In conclusion, the staff was friendly, the food was okay, and I don’t see myself going back again. The more I think about it, the more I think I should have walked out. The dirty floors and booths are still upsetting to me. Seriously, they should have cleaned that mess up before they went home the night before. Since they didn’t, the morning staff should have made it presentable before they opened. At the very least, someone should have been cleaning during the slow time. If they can’t keep area customers see clean, what happens in the area’s you can no see.

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