Shake Shack

A few days ago, I received an email from MOA that informed me today was the Grand opening of the Shake Shack at MOA. The email said "The first 100 people in line get a free Malt of America Concrete."

Thinking this would be a fun experience, I drove down with my daughter. We arrived about 10:45 am and got in line right away. There were approximately 60 people in front of us. We were very excited. 

At 11 am they did the ribbon cutting. We couldn't see it, we were in line. At about 11:15 am the line started to move. They did a good job keeping everything moving. At about 11:45 am it was our turn to order. This is when I found out they were NOT giving away a free Malt of America Concrete to the first 100 people in line. They were giving away 1 free Malt of America Concrete per order all day. 

So, basically I just wasted an hour in line for nothing. By nothing I mean, I could have shown up at 2 pm and gotten the exact same deal. There was nothing special about waiting in line. I did see a ribbon citting, hear anyone talk, or do anything extra that I couldn't do any other day of my life. 

Disapointment aside, the atmosphere was nice. You didn't feel you were at a fast food joint. The staff was extremely friendly. They were really moving to get everyone through the line. The food was okay. I have to be honest. I like Culvers better. Everything I picked out in the menu was something I have had at Culvers. From the fries to the custard, it was good, but I've had better. 

In the end atmosphere is important, but when it comes to burgers and fries, I put my money where the best tasting food is and that is not Shake Shack. 

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