Halloween: 9 pm

The boys are home and Teddy is done working for the night. It was a slow night. Only 47 trick or treaters this year. 

Halloween: 8 pm

Josephene is home. The boys are still out. We had 15 kids in the last hour.

Halloween: 7 pm

The kids are still out. Only 18 trick or treaters this last hour. I'm going to have a lot of extra treats...

Halloween: 6 pm

Sunset at 6:03 pm. The pumpkins are out. There is a light mist/rain. Everyone is ready to go out. So far we have had one visitor. Just one!

Daily Bonus

Someone hit me while I was driving home. Luckily it was just a flesh wound and the car survived with a bump on the butt. It's one of those days... 

Swim Time: JV Champs

Dinner Dates!!!!

The last pumpkin.

A Child's Quote: age 9

In a world with computers and smart phones it's still the simple things that make the largest impact. 

"Mommy, mommy I have just learned about the most amazing invention ever." 


Best Story This Week... For now.

"I cut my finger."


"Did you know butter knives can cut skin?"


"I was in the kitchen."

- Mom eyes.

"Okay, I was cutting my orange."

- More mom eyes.

"I was making it into a square."

- sigh...

"And I could not even eat it because it was covered in blood."


Because some days you just need ice cream sundays for dinner... 

Wall Rehab

What you are looking at is a poor quality photo of my newest project. In the top picture, the wall is yellow. In the bottom picture the wall is a chalkboard. After a decade of dealing with drawings on our walls leading to the attic, I've given up and turned them into a giant chalkboard. 

Beer Bread Results

They turned out fabulous.  Each of the boys had a different favorite. The girls liked them all also. The secret is a good beer and my no fail beer bread mix. 

Out of these four breads Guinness was my favorite. The pumkin had a light squash taste. The apricot was more sweet than savory. My least favorite was the German beer. It had a beer aftertaste. 

Beer Bread Taste Test Part 1

It's that time of year. It's baking season. We are starting with a beer bread taste test. 

One mix.
Four beers.

This is the before cooking photo. I was surprised to see the orange tint in our pumpkin beer. All four beers mixed well and reacted as expected to the mix. Now we wait. It's a one hour cooking time followed by a one hour rest period. Tommorow I'll post the end results and a few more photos. 


After awhile you would think the fire stories would end, but no. They just keep moving locations.

We can now add not being allowed to play alone in our fenced in back yard to the list of things they boys can not do. 

Why? We have an area of shrubs and trees about 4 feet wide on the side of our yard. The boys call it the forest. They decided it would be fun to have a real camp fire. They gathered many twigs and small branches and proceeded to light them up in the middle of the forest. It really is something when you walk outside and see smoke coming out of the shrubs. 

Luckly, it did not spread to the trees and I could put it out with a garden hose.