1st Concert!

For his birthday my little guy received tickets to Shawn Mendes. He loves his music. We arrived around 4 pm. After parking we walked about 6 blocks to our dinning location. Following that we walked the 6 blocks back to the concert arena. With plenty of time until it started we walked a little under a mile to the candy store. After returning we entered the arena and found a standing table in the happy hour area where we had water and many gin & tonics for mommy (because Shawn Mendes). We were at happy hour for a good 30 minutes. The doors were now open and it was time to get in line. It was an extra slow line. It took about 30 minutes to get past security. Once in we took a little walk around the arena to scope out the best bathrooms and find water fountains. Finally, it's 7:30. The concert has started. Robert goes crazy. He's jumping and yelling, and dancing, and singing. Fast forward to about 10:25 pm. He stops junping, and yelling, and dancing, and singing. He looks at me, sits down and says "I'm tired" and proceeds to instantly fall asleep. It wasn't a light sleep either. We had trouble waking him up. He was completely out at 10:45 when the concert was over. Robert loved the concert and I finally found something that will slow him down. 

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