MN State Fair Time... Volunteering

If you know me, you know I love all things state fair. I love going to the fair as many times as possible. I love seeing everything twice. I also love doing everything and that includes volunteering. 

There are many areas you can volunteer at. Most shifts are 3 - 4 hours and include a free ticket to the fair. To find areas that need help go to the state fair website and click on entertainment. The math on a stick, alphabet forest, and little farm hands all use volunteers. Each area will have a link to sign up or an email of a person to sign up with. There are more places to volunteer too, just click on different areas to see what you can find. 

This year we will be at Little Farm Hands again. It is the perfect place for parents with school aged children to volunteer. Some of the other sites require you be 16 and older or one child per adult. 

If you love to give back or maybe are just looking for a less expensive way to see the fair, try volunteering.

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