9 to 9 Fair Fun

Two 30 minute bus rides and 11 hours walking the fair grounds equals a fabulous 2nd trip to the fair.

We got on the bus to the fair at 9 AM.
30 minutes in a line for chocolate popovers. They were not good. We won't be doing that again.
Bunnies! There were so many bunnies to visit with.
A little Horse competition and a few cows.
Pigs and Goats oh my.
Fun at the horse barn.
We watched a calf and piggies being born.
You'll never guess who we saw at the Senior Center.
History and fun. The boys made corn husk dolls.
Lunch Time. 
Time to WORK.
We worked up an appetite for dinner.
And cookies and taffy too.
9 PM and we arrived back at our car.

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