MIA, Power and Beaty in China's Last Dynasty - through my eyes.

If ever a lesson was to be shared, this is the time. Know your artist. Don't assume something by the large print or the location. I did read "Concept and Design by Robert Wilson. Then without knowing the artist, by title alone, I assumed a fantastic display of artifacts, arts, and shared knowledge about China's last dynasty. I was highly disappointed. 

My interpretation of the concept was,take a bunch of things already on display at the museum, move them to ten small rooms, take away all the informational signs, add lights, wall textures, and sounds like bells, roosters, and cows, AND trick people into paying for the experience by calling it "Power and Beauty in China's Last Dynasty."

Room 1: 5 minutes in a dark room.
Room 2: artifacts in chicken wire, 70s music and wall paper style with cow noises.
Room 3: hay walls, 5 robes in the middle.
Room 4: small statue in middle of blue room.
Room 5: beautifully painted dragon on walls, throne in center of red room, roosters screaming.
Room 6: 5 Buddhist statues, mirrored room
Room 7: three paintings displayed on tapestries hanging from the ceiling.
Room 8: artifacts from the 17th and 18th century. Walls covered in shinny silver paper.
Room 9: the best room. Several top displays from the museum, interesting concept wall paper, thunder sounds and lights.
Room 10: Too bright to stand in. Pretty much opposite of room 1, just as odd.

The informational paper I received stated "Prepare to immerse your senses and suspend your expectations." Huge understatement. Back to know your artist. Robert Wilson is renown in theater and design. He uses randomness and stylized movement to express his works. That explains everything. Know your artist. 

Understanding what, where, and why still does not take away from my overall disappointment. I never felt immersed in a time or environment. To me, the flows lacked purpose. Sound for the sake of sound. Light for light. Odd decorations, because that's what they had on hand, not that's what was time period appropriate. 

Go, it's interesting and a good time. I have not giggled or said WTF so much in 30 minutes in I don't know how long. Just don't expect anything more than that. 

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