Looking Back at the 2011 MN State Fair, Part 3

We have been to the Fair three times and unfortunately are done for the year. It was a good time, 39 hours and 30 miles of fun were had. We found both my pickles and salsa on display. The wine Ice Cream was marvelous. Pronto pups came in buckets this year. The kids have enough free pencils to last them half the school year. Little farm hands was a hit by the tots, the 4-H building was a tween favorite and my teens enjoyed a friendly competition of alphabet fair words.

The most important stop I made at the fair this year was to the Cancurables booth in the merchandise mart. There with the help of Robert we made a 2011 Fair bear. All of the net profits are used to help cancer research, most notable ovarian cancer and also others that have no test for early detection. My 2011 bear is my started bear. Every year I plan on getting a new bear. The 2012 bear will be my one year bear. If you have a chance to stop by the fair please visit the Cancurables booth and make yourself a bear. The prices were from about $10 to $20, very reasonable. After the fair you can purchase a bear at www.Cancurables.com Not only are they great keepsakes, but make a wonderful gift.

Looking Back at the 2011 MN State Fair, Part 1

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A Completely New Look and Feel

Today is the launch of my updated Blog. We’ve gone through four years of posts and comments and made a few changes.

The first and most obvious change (I hope) is the removal of all of the old content. We are starting new. Well, almost all new. I’m  saving the informational and fun from the first MN State Fair Posts. I will be bringing back some of the older product or business reviews that are still relevant and a few of the funny post, for those who need a good remember when laugh. For the new, there will be kids quotes, recipes, and family funny stories. I will still be writing my yearly MN State Fair updates, vacation updates, and new reviews.

A lot has changed in my life since starting this blog over 4 years ago. Here is a look back at my original blog post from 2010.

I just became a stay at home mom. With three children under three, we could not afford a licensed daycare and after two not so good unlicensed daycare situations, we could not afford putting them in an unlicensed daycare again. So, after 14 years at the same job and 20 years of full time employment “we” decided I would stay home.

When I worked, I was very lucky to have the opportunity to pick my children up from school every day. I almost never missed a school event and had plenty of vacation time to take them to the doctors and stay home when they were sick. Because I had so many opportunities to care for my children, the decision to stay home was difficult, but obvious. Staying home meant giving up the control I felt I had when it came to income and insurance. It also meant I would be responsible for keeping up the house. In an instant, our family structure flipped. I really hate cleaning and before this change, my husband did the laundry and the cleaning and most of the diaper changing and such. I was so spoiled. Adjusting to this new life change has been interesting. I've become the person who cleans and takes care of the house. My husband has become the main financial provider. My younger three children are getting use to mom getting them ready in the morning and putting them to bed at night. My older three children are getting tired of seeing my face. Apparently, I’m not cool and I ask too many questions. I like that about me.