A Child's Quote, Age 13

"Sorry, I can't eat this cauliflower. It isn't part of my lifestyle choices."

A Child's Quote, Age 5

"Noooo, the Wii remote is on, and I'm not even using it! It's wasting its own batteries, and I can't turn it off."

Dear Snowplow Drivers, (Part 3)

Thank you for removing my mail box and transporting it a few housed down. I did not need it anyways.

A Short Story About What Happens When I Turn Off the TV and Send the Boys to the Playroom Alone

Robert: Mom you are wrong. Putting the trampoline on the couch is not dangerous. We put a mattress under it.

So we are all clear on what they did, they put a mattress on the couch, and then the trampoline on top of it.