A Child's Quote, Age 6

"I love it when grandma comes over. Now it will be her rules, not yours, mama. Ha-ha!"

A Child's Quote, Age 13

"OMG! Today I had a new student teacher. She was like so old. I couldn't believe it. No, seriously she was like 27 or something."

New Friends...

Bob is blue. Teddy picked him(?) out & Anthony + Josephene named him.
Banana is yellow. Charles picked him(?) out & William + Robert named him.
That was the deal. 
Some "cheesecake" fans are going to need to get over it....

The New Boss

The Youngest Child: My brothers are doing a great job cleaning my bedroom.

The Mom: Wonderful, do you think you should go help since it's your bedroom?

The Youngest Child: No, I am the supervisor. Every great project needs a good supervisor.