“I am thankful for”

My beautiful Charles wrote an “I am thankful for” list for November.
1. My mom and dad.
2. My birds.
3. My stuffed animals.
4. My teacher.
5. My school.
6. My food.
7. My toys.
8. My books.
9. My cards. (I think this is his Pokémon collection)
10. My money.

"Why Robert, why!"

Last night when I went to bed my car was locked and my keys were on the table. At 9 am my keys were not in the table. After a three hour search inside and outside of the house I found my keys in a box of water in the unlocked trunk of my car. Why ROBERT, WHY!!!

"the meanest mom in the world"

Tonight I was told I was the meanest mom in the world and a terrible person... I made someone do their chore. It was the dishes. We have a dish washer. I did them earlier and there were only a few left. Dishes were thrown around, dropped, and cracked. There was yelling and tears about how difficult it was. After 5 minutes I called off the drama with the wave of my hand and my calm yet oddly frightening mom voice I said "You can finish quietly. If you are too stressed to do the dishes I can always pull you out of all extra school activities to free up your time." .... Silence and the dishes are clean.


Well, I broke the bad news (about One Direction breaking up) to my daughter & by her reaction you would believe it was somehow my fault. I wish I had that kind of power.