Lilly does not feel well. She is on her way to the doll hospital. 

M&M Taste Test

Look what we found!

Robert fav=chili yuk=honey nut
Charles fav=coffee yuk=chili
William fav=honey nut yuk=chili
Josephene fav=honey nut & chili yuk=coffee
Anthony fav=coffee yuk=original
Teddy fav=chili yuk=none
Me fav=chili yuk=honey nut & coffee

Just a Lazy Saturday...

We decided to stop for lunch at the mall on the way to the zoo. 

The Watermelon Slicer

Today at 10 am I purchased the most awesome thing ever, a melon slicer! It's like an apple slicer, but 12" in diameter. Today at noon I returned the dumbest useless item I can think of, a melon slicer.

Husbands Are Fun...

My husband just threw away his money on a device that shocks him when he snores, because apparently that is better than his sleep mask. Whatever... I just found a snoring app on YouTube. It's going to be a long night amusing night.

Memories Easter 2016

Robert is wearing the jacket Grandma Janet made for Amy (30+ years ago).


Goal for the day find missing orange shirt. You think that would be easy considering I only own one thing that is not blue, black, or gray and it's a bright orange shirt, but no.... 4 1/2 hours of going through every corner of my house and I finally found it. Now I'm going to go take a nap.

How to get you kitchen floor cleaned...

Announce "whomever clean the floor will be allowed to scrub the kitchen cupboards." 

Just like that two children are fighting over who gets to do the cleaning.

A Child's Quote, age 9

"I am going to live next door to you. That way if I don't get married, but I find a bunch of orphans I can drop them off at your house while I go to work."

Mama Lama Morning Drama...

Mama Lama Morning Drama... Our new measurements have upset the balance of age. William is so upset that he is shorter, he put himself in the corner. And I quote "I don't want to be small."

It's Harry

It's dress up as your favorite book character day.