There is a lot of back story to this one sentence punchline. We were driving in our old neighborhood when I noticed a large group of buildings had been torn down. I was looking at the changing landscape when I mentioned that I could not tell if the car was was still there or not. A minute later it was clear, our favorite old car wash was gone. We continued to talk and I mentioned it looks like they took everything on the block including the VFW. This is when Charles asked what a VFW was. It was late. I was tired. I simple said "It was a bar."

Without hesitation, in a slow calm voice Charles replies "I am sorry for your loss."

I thought Josephene was going to pee she was laughing so hard.

Thanks, Charles. Just thanks...

I give up...

Someone has a new toy. On the left is Peepe (pronounced pee pee) and on the right is Peepe Jr. (again pronounced pee pee).

Say What!

Today I learned there is NO protein in almond milk. Mind Blown! 

I wish I had a video.

It was just an average day. I was driving down the highway. All of a sudden from the back seats this conversation starts...

Charles says "Can you spell I cup?" (I see you pee)

Josephene "No, that is so immature."

Charles "Well then can you pronounce it backwards."

Josephene "Sure, it's Puci."

(The only issue being she pronounced the ci like ssy.)


Josephene "What, ohh..."

Laughter erupts from the back seats of the car. 

Dinner Date

Robert took daddy out on a "date" and bought him dinner. They had cheeseburger combos with cherry dipped cones. 

Little Falls

There is so much to see in Little Falls. We will hopefully go back again this summer. 

Oliver Kelley Farm

We are having a blast this summer visiting different museums and hiking trails. This was the first stop on an all day adventure. 


White Castle

The Mac and cheese bites taste test. It's a win!

Fort Snelling

A Child's Quote, age 9

"I am going to interview my girlfriends and ask "are you okay with me giving my mom money" and if she says no, she is out. I will only marry a girl who wants to take care of my mom. Oh and live with my brother too."