Back to School Mama Lama Drama

My goal of driving to a swim meet in Bloomington has failed. 45 minutes to 100 & 394 equals time to turn around. Total time stick in car going nowhere was 2 hours.

Oh Oh Oh

Williams adventure.

Swim Time: 9th meet

When you have plans and life says "maybe not."

Someone came off the bus with a limp or maybe more of a one leg hop.

He doesn't know what happen but said "At 1:30 (pm) it just started to hurt."

Let's go back to the first sentence. He can't walk and he just came off the school bus at 4:40 pm.

Surprise my evening plans changed. We were in and out of urgent care in only 3 hours. It's not broken. It's sprained. Not surprised.

George (the fish)

My FAVORITE way to wake up...

"Mom I can't find George and his tank is half empty."

One quick call to husband to confirm a flush and then it's time to break the news to the kids. 

Happy morning everyone!

Unique Candy Taste Test: Violet

This was a fun one to try. I agree with Robert. Most everyone else was more of whatever. William loved it. He snuck into the kitchen and ate them all. 

Unique Candy Taste Test: This Stuff

I can't read that. My guess is cola flavored candy. It was a bit sour. The outside she'll was hard. The inside was gum like. Weird is how we would describe it. 

MN Largest Candy Store

One last time for the season. Everyone got to spend up to $5 total and no more than 2 items. Everyone picked two items, but not everyone spent the whole $5. 

Bible Day at Church.


And just like that we are back to day one. This is my 12th year in a row as an orchestra parent in the school district. The boys have an excellent teach this year. She was Anthony's middle school teacher. William is trying his hand at the violin this year. Charles is all about the cello. 

Not today...

Today is the day I would be dusting, cleaning walls, mopping floors, and moving furniture to find special bits left by children. Thanks to my husband's current crazy work schedule, early morning school activities, and three children joining us in bed, one at a time, I only had two hours of sleep. So dear cleaning, all I have to say is "Not today!" I'm going to go take a nap. 

Swim Time: 2nd meet

Sunday Carnival

You will need to use your imagination for these invisible photos.

#1 playing games; plinko, bug toss, duck pond, plus a few more.

#2 petting zoo; Charles chasing a turtle, Josephene and the Lana

#3 hay ride. Wiliam sitting on the top.

#4 free treats; popcorn, cookies, and lemonade.

#5 bike ponies; Robert riding a purple pony bike.

#6 fire truck; hats and playing cards.

#7 lunch; hot dogs, pickles, rice crispy bars, and chips.

A Child's Quote, age 9

A quote from a child, age nine, at the state fair, talking to a newscaster, in front of an audience, using a microphone.

“You should try my favorite drink. It is a pineapple that they fill with a Pina Colada it is delicious.”

Not a first day of school photo.

She started school over two weeks ago. This is a first day of work photo. 

And then there was one...

Here are three very excited boys. They love school. Well, two of them do. The third goes because I say so.

And then there was one...

Here are three very excited boys. They love school. Well, two of them do. The third goes because I say so.

Two backpacks and a smile

High School Fun... 

2016 MN State Fair Recap

It was a great time at the fair this year. The weather was mild and two of our three trips were nice without tons and tons of people. Don’t get me wrong, there were crowds, and lines, but you could breath. Our third trip to the fair was insane. The first few hours were fine, but as the day progressed the crazy came with it. There were so many people I had to leave.

My top 10 fair tips to remember:

#1 Do the animal barns at 9 am. After 10:30 am it gets hot and busy in the barns.

#2 The slowest time for the little farm hands is the last two hours it is open. We have always gone right when it opens in the morning. After our second shift volunteering I can say it is slower after 4 pm.

#3 The $1 shrimp outside the haunted house is now $3. The ice tea and lemonade are $3 for a 32oz, so it’s still worth a visit.

#4 At Giggles you can get a kid’s meal for less than $2. It’s a nice size too. For just over $1 you will get 2 chicken strips, a handful of fries and a small cookie. This is the best deal at the fair and my family will be going here every year from now on.

#5 Even after 3 days and almost 34 hours at the fair, we still didn’t see and do everything.

#6 Never, NEVER go to the fair on a Saturday! It was the only day we had open at the time, so we went. By noon there was nowhere to move. Luckily we had done most of the popular events and found the things we wanted to see less populated. Getting from point A to point B was another story altogether.

#7 If you purchase your Ren Fest tickets at the fair it is a $5 discount.

#8 It is possible to spend a day at the fair and avoid deep fried foods and pop (or soda). Bring a water bottle and refill as needed. All the bathrooms have water bottle refill stations or drinking fountains. My favorite fair foods are the strawberries and cream from strawberries and cream, crepes from French crepes, and the cheese tray at Wine Country.  There are also places that sell fresh fruits and vegetables.  

#9 Buy the $5 discount book. On page 1 there was a coupon for $8 off ride tickets. I’m guessing this coupon will be there next year also. If you take time to look through it, it is easy to find 2 – 4 coupons to use. As you walk the fair, you will find yourself using even more. This year we saved over $20 per coupon book. We buy three each year.  

#10 Plan ahead. Before you go, look at the Fair website. Take the time to see the events for the day. Plan for a few things you want to see and do. Check daily discounts to see if it is a better deal to order tickets ahead of time or at the gate. Plan your travel route. Will you be taking a free bus, a paid bus, or driving? If driving, plan on arriving by 7 am. If taking a free bus, check out the locations and times available. Plan on arriving about 30 minutes before you want to arrive at the fair. If taking a paid bus, pre order your tickets for a discount. The lots for buses and parking can fill up. Have a backup plan.