17 Days!!!

I love a nice Christmas break with the kids, but do they really need seventeen days off! Not a question. Seventeen days!!!

A Christmas Evening Movie

We were a house divided. I went to Sing with Charles, while the rest of the group went Rogue. 

Santa Was Here!

Santa arrived before 11 pm today. I think it had something to do with three of the six putting themselves to bed at 7:30 pm. The forth forced everyone else to bed at 8:30 pm. In the last 20 years this is the first time that has happened. Usually, everyone is so excitted they can't sleep. Now Santa is off to his next destination with a little help from the shot of whisky the kids leave him each year. 

Christmas Eve

Church. New PJs. Baby Jesus Celebration. Bible Reading. Family prayer and songs. Cookies for Santa & bed.

Stay away from the grocery stores today!

My early afternoon reward after 2 hours of purchasing Christmas goods.

Someone was having a bad day.

This is where our car stopped when I turned to my daughter and said "that car up there is turning wide, stop here."

This is where that car did in fact turn wide and then adjusted herself not into her own lane, but she line up directly with our car drove 1 1/2 houses down the road and hit us head on. Then she backed up and sped away. 

So, luckly it was more of a 5 mph bump. I get out of the car, take some photos, and look for damage. There was nothing visible. I had my in-house auto body women check and she could see where the car hit us, but said we were okay. 

We drive home and I make a police report. Now this woman is involved in a hit and run incident. FYI if you see a red/maroon mini van with plastic over the passenger side window stay away. She has driving issues.  

1st Day of Winter Break

A Child's Quote, Age 16

This snow better not melt. I can't not deal with the tears of another lost snowman. 

A Child's Quote, Age 9

If this snow melts again, I'm giving up on winter and never going outside again.

A gift for our Grad.

Someone pretty special just competed her Auto Body Collision Technology Degree and is now a college graduate. 

Grown Man with 1st World issues.

Today I was behind a person at the donut store. Apparently, the fact that there were not 12 chocolate donuts with sprinkles available to purchase was enough for him to throw a temper tantrum typically reserved for three year olds. Luckily for the employees and future customers, his final goodbye included the words "I will never be back. It's not worth the drive." 

They are donuts!!!! 


While at Orchestra Hall, we met a gentleman who was ushering. We talked for a bit. He told us he called bingo at a local McDonald's and invited us to come. So we did. Then we did again. The kids learned it's okay to slow down and take time to just say hello and make conversation, because sometimes at the end of the conversation you will find free bingo. The kids love bingo!

Dunkin Donuts

Opening day taste test. 

We tried 6 different donuts. The results are in, they are donuts. 

I'm so excited!!!

I just purchased our airline tickets for our ten year wedding anniversary trip.

That is eight round trip tickets with eight checked bags (each way) and I picked our seats for less than $2,200. Plus I reserved a two bedroom suit with four beds, a kitchen and living room for less than $1000. Now I'm off to find a rental car...  The best part is with all of our new points (hotel and air), we can go on a first class couples vacation for free!

We are coming lamas...

Art: Abstract, 9

This fabulous work of art is not of a turkey or a light saber.