Birthday Fun


Today my youngest daughter turns 18. I am very excited to watch her grow from young adult to full on adulting. The next 4 to 5 years of flight should be a fabulous journey for her. 

Best Night of 2017.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. The entire family attended the candlelight service. The 3 youngest were in the choir. At home we had a parade for Jesus birthday and read from the bible. We opened one gift each, pajamas. Then we sang carols before putting out milk and cookies for Santa. By 11:55 pm Santa had come and our night came to an end.

Tonight was loud and crazy and exhausting and perfect. When the girls sing at church it sounds just like when I used to stand next to Grandma Mary as a little girl. When we add baby Jesus to the manger and read from the bible, I remember spending Christmas with my extended family on Christmas Eve. When we open our one gift, I smile and think of a home that may no longer exist, but my memories of it will last forever.

As an adult I see the loud and crazy, but somehow I still remember the memories without any of that. A perfect day that maybe one day if I am lucky will be a tradition or memory shared by my children.

The unedited CRAZY (that I love)...

Honey & Mackie's

We ate lunch at a cute little ice cream shop in Plymouth. Besides fabulous flavors of frozen treats, the sell hotdogs and fries with an arrangement of toppings. I believe William would give then 4 or 5 stars. I'll have to ask him.