A Child's Quote, age 9

"You are right mama. I did get sick after drinking 6 Snapple in a row. Don't worry I clean up the puke."

Las Vegas, 2017: Planning

With approximately twelve weeks before our vacation the planning and prep work has begun. The truth is, I have planning issues. It took us 2 years to save for this trip and one year of planning, checking prices, and coordinating dates. 

The goal is to have an enjoyable, well rounded trip for under $6,000. This can be a tricky thing to accomplish with eight people. Our airline tickets, rental car, and hotel can easily come to more than that per person without a lot of planning. 

A rental car that seats eight with unlimited mileage, put that into your search criteria and have fun figuring out those specs. My tip here is go directly to the source. Online travel sites will quote you a car that seats seven or a van that seats twelve for ten times the amount. There is always small print and extra fees involved. Be aware of what you are getting and the final cost.

A hotel room that sleeps eight is almost unheard of. We chose to not go the two adjoining room route. With two adults and six children adjoining rooms cause us (my husband and myself) to sleep in separate rooms. That's not vacation fun in my book. We prefer to find a suite with two bedrooms. This will usually give us 3 beds and a sofa sleeper all within the same locked space. With two per bed, it ends up perfect for us. A suite usually includes a kitchen and dinning table. This is an added bonus and saves on meals. As far as where we stay, near the strip, but not center strip. There are some really nice non casino hotels walking distance to the sights and sounds.

Flights are something that are just going to cost you. One of the main reasons we prefer to fly into LAS is cost. A round trip ticket there is typically $150 less than other cities. For us we always use the same airline. We also I vested in the airlines credit card. This gives us free checked bags and extra reward points. With the points earned on a trip for eight, we go on a free couples trip later in the year. In the end it all works out.

Cookie Love

I ordered online from a friend and got my cookies over a month before they sell them here. Winner!!!

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Mama Lama Phone Drama

When you are casually watching a YouTube video and your phone freezes, goes black, and it never turns on again.

Note to me: Maybe moving all of my alarms, schedules, email, photos, etc onto my phone was not such a good idea.

Note to "Phone" store: Well played. No longer carrying my phone that I just purchased 6 months ago, so, I will have to upgrade if I want to walk out of your store with a working plan is genius. Luck for me, downgrading is also an option.

Marjorie McNeely Conservatory

Como Zoo

A boy and his dream.

It was his dream that I use this giant coupon. He is very happy now. I am left with a what just happened face. Walking to the car I noticed the 15% discount was not given. I went back in and they returned everything and then recharged me. Then they gave me a store credit for $1.80. I have two issues with this. First, I paid with a debit card and was overcharged. I should have gotten the amount in cash or put back in my card not store credit. Second, considering the total was $24 before tax, $1.80 is only half of 15%, they messed something up again and only gave me half of the amount they owed me. Still, I took my store credit and left because it had already been a long day, I've never had an issue there before, and sometimes it's best to walk away with a happy child. 

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition

As part of our winter break we took a trip to see the MythBusters Exhibition at the Mall of America. It runs through the 15th and tickets are $15.99. We did the Groupon and that saved us some on the admission price. 

The first part was a hall of props from the show. The kids enjoyed seeing some of the items from tv in person. The rest was all hands on activities mimicing some of the shows episodes. We hung from a ledge, tested if toast lands butter side up, ran/walked through the rain, and attempted to drive a car blind. There were at least 12 activities. At the end was a live demonstration show that lasted about 10 minutes. 

Everyone had fun, but there could have been more museum type areas. We are happy we went, but this was definitely a one time visit activity.