Did you know #3

The Oscar statuette is brittanium plated with 24k gold.

Las Vegas, 2017: Memories of 2006

In 2006 the digital camera was not what it is today. These are some scanned photos from prints that came from negatives. 

This was my very 1st trip to Vegas. It was also the location of our fake wedding. I remember it well, Paris in February at one of those digital fake photo shops. 

I miss the feel of the theme hotels.
To the right, I see something that looks old and fun and not PH.
More themes.
Old school Imperial Palace.
Does anyone else remember the tunnel through the M&M store?

My favorite Valentine

A little girl gave this to me as I was waiting for my lunch date (Andrew) to arrive. She was very cute and quiet. She held her arm out straight as she approached me her mom said "she wants to give this to you." 

Date Night...

4th Birthday of February...

Did you know #1

Alaska is the only state that can be typed on one row of keys.

(Did you know comes from Williams Snapple addiction. The facts are in the cap.)

Happy Birthday to Me!

For my birthday, my children gave me the best gift ever, their germs.

I was so sick.  It was still a fabulous day. We went out to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. Anthony and Teddy both bought me chocolates. I have a house full of new plants. Plus a nice handmade fuzzy warm blanket and pillows to keep me warm and comfy.

All they want is to be crossing guards on their birthday...

1st Birthday of February

Super Bowl Party!

Las Vegas, 2017: Planning Part Two

Did I say I have planning issues? I'm currently scheduling the trip down to when, what, where, and how long. Yes, I did look up how long it took to walk from point A to point B. I also found driving routes, business hours, prices, and new places to explore.

When I go on vacation, I like to do and see as much as possible. I don't want to miss a thing. We a are on the go from morning to night. When my husband goes on vacation, he likes to do nothing, NOTHING. Just sit at a pool and do nothing. Someday, we may go on a vacation of nothing, but for now, I'm not there yet.

On our last trip I worked really hard to compromise and planned nothing after 5 pm. After the first night there was a lot of "what's next" coming from other family members. This trip I didn't plan for as much nothing time. Two nights after 6 pm and two mornings with nothing planned until 10 am. 

What can a person do from sun up to sundown day after day? We will be visiting three chocolate stores, two bakeries, four "parks", and three museums. On top of that we will be hiking three different trails. There are also a few other fun activities along the way. 

Since this is the children's third trip to the area, we wanted to mix up the new with the old. It was hard, but we took a few things off of our list. On this trip we will most likely not be visiting the wildlife habitat at the Flamingo,  Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, or the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Those were hard to cut out, but not as hard as not visiting the Las Vegas Springs Preserve or the MOB Museum. As a personal sacrifice we decided not to take the kids to the Las Vegas Distillery. That is one of our favorite stops in the area. We are also skipping Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and the Valley of Fire. 

For the most part, the rule on this trip is, if we've done it twice as a family, it gets replaced with something new. There will be a few exceptions. Somehow the M&M store made it into our itinerary and Fremont Street did as well.