Taste Test: Haribo, Cola

Las Vegas, 2017: Packing

With two weeks to go, I have 2 of our 3 checked bags ready to go and 4 of our 8 small carry on backpacks/purses packed. By the end of the week everything will be ready to go, with exception of the belongings of the 2 men in the house. That will be done probably at midnight the night before our flight. Some of us like to plan, others wing it. Somehow we all make it to the same place in the end. 

Las Vegas, 2017: Memories of 2012

If we skip ahead a few years, this is our 5 year anniversary and the children's second Vegas trip. Technically, this was Robert's first trip due to the fact he wasn't born yet the first time around. 

The four fingers thing was a big hit.
The drama of hiking.
The biggest pizza I have ever ordered. 
Springs Preserves
It's a good thing they closed this zoo.

Rules of Date Night

Apparently, it is not cool to yell "I won mother fucker!" when pegging the last hole in cribbage. 

Did you know #6

The first typewriter was called the"literary piano."


Today I noticed something odd with the clean clothes pile that needs to go upstairs. Someone went through the pile and took all of my husbands clothes upstairs, leaving mine downstairs. Seriously!

Did you know #5

They used to offer goat carriage rides in Central Park.

Las Vegas, 2017: Memories of 2007

We were married for real, at the Valley of Fire one year later. This time we brought the whole family. 

Some things never change.
By the Valley of Fire.
I miss this toy store.
Hoover Dam
I miss this side of Rio too.

Did you know #4

Arkansas has the only active diamond mind in the United States.