Clark County Wetlands

This was the adults second visit to the wetlands and the kids first. The wetlands are a great non-tourist place to visit. 

They have a special indoor area for you to bring your own food and have a little picnic.

The visitor center has a little hands on museum. The staff is extremely helpful. 

There are many trails to walk and explore. 

AND there is a little park for kids of all ages to play at.

Roberto's Taco Shop

The best tacos ever!!! This was our first, but not last visit. Great food with huge portions at a low cost. We NEED this place in Minnesota.

Ethel M's Factory & Botanical Cactus Garden

I love this place! They have my favorite chocolates. This past November they reopened after a short remodel. The new building looks great. The self guided tour is still just as fun. We had a chance to watch them make two different candies. 

After my extensive candy purchases, we made our way to the gardens. We stop by here on every trip. It's very peaceful.

The Pool

We found time to visit the hotel pool twice. It was a little cold, but the inflatable pizza slice made up for it. The hot tube was fabulous. Both days we were the only ones there.

Death Valley: Part Two

We made it to the Visitor's Center at Furnace Creek before it closes. The flush toilets, and museum and gift shop were a nice change of pace.

After an hour our of the sun, we were back on the trails. Harmony Borax Works was a quick walk with informational signs.

Salt Creek was amazing. The water was still flowing and we had a chance to see pupfish.

Our last few miles of the day were walked at the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. We were lucky enough to watch the sun go down while in the hills of sand. 

Death Valley: Part One

This was a full days trip. We started 5000 feet above see level at Dante's View. We did some hiking up and a little hiking over. The views were amazing. The winds were strong and dare I say cold. 

Next we were down at sea level and walking through the Devil's Golf Course.

Moving on we journeyed over 200 feet below sea level and walked Badwater Basin. The lake bed was still muddy in some areas leaving a crust of dried salt over what was left of the water. It was just like walking over thin ice on the street. After it cracks the water and mud break through. 

My second favorite hike was through Artist's Drive. The colors were amazing.


We did it! We concurred the zip and zoom lines. I took the three youngest on the zip line. Andrew took the three oldest on the zoom line. 

Our line reservation was for 5 pm. There was basically no wait for the zip line with only one group in front of us. I hate heights. Hate them. The very worst part of a zip line is lifting your feet of the ground and getting into the starting position, floating several stories in the air. While hanging there, I glanced over at Charles who was also hanging, and crying. He was sad and cute all at the same time. William and Robert didn't seem bothered by the start. At the end, all three were happy. 

The zoom line is twice as long as the zip line and twice as high. Plus you zoom on your belly, not sitting up. The line for this ride was longer. We waited about 40 minutes for them. All of the feedback on the ride was positive. They had fun swimming through the air.

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street was a little sad this time around. All of the neon was there, but several casinos and such were closed. It wasn't as crazy as it usually is. On the plus side, we had the kids and it wasn't as crazy as it usually is. We walked, looked at the lights, and shopped at the 97 cent gift shops. We were not there to gamble, we were there to zip and zoom.

Container Park

I was a little disappointed with our visit to Container Park. It didn't seem as grand as it did during our previous visits. The slides on the play structure were closed and so were many of the shops. We did enjoy our stop at the jerky shop.

The Neon Boneyard Museum

This is a great place to stop and take a look into to past. They offer a one hour tour that is filled with history and photo opportunities. They also just opened a new gift shop and waiting area. It's a fabulous addition. Below is Robert's favorite sign.

Heritage Park Playground 

The Heritage Park Playground is for children. No adults allowed unless accompanied by a child. It is connected to both of our first two stops of the day. Our children of all ages enjoyed running around here.

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum

The Natural History Center is on the same block at the previous site. This little museum is two stories and includes several different exhibits including dinosaurs, an Egyptian tomb, and aquariums. The kids really enjoyed it here.

Happy Easter