Unusual Occurrence

I woke up today to find my husband doing the dishes! For a moment, I thought maybe I had died and was a ghost. Then my children started talking to me and I realized it was real. 

Popping Boba Part Three

We now have Mango Jelly! We have six jars of it. 

We started with 9 cans of mango juice. We created 8 different mixtures to make bobas with. 

In a large sauce pan we dumped all of our mango jell substances and added 1/2 cup of sugar. We then worked it until smooth, reducing and wisking, and wisking and reducing until it had that I could be jelly once cooled look. 

AND it was a success. 

Next week we are regrouping trying for bobas again. 


Charles Bird House

Popping Boba Part Two

It's Saturday!

Day two of our process. Some of our mixtures are too jelly like, but a few look like they might work. This is not stopping us.

We excitedly mixed up our second solution. We added two teaspoons of calcium lactate to two cups of water. Them we mixed it until it became clear.

We dropped our juice mixture into the clear mixture and got zero balls. We did manage to get a few worms, but they did not hold their shape once they came in contact with our warm hands.

We have decided all of the YouTube videos are wrong and missing some key information. What? We wish we knew. 

First, I think the 1 cup everyone keeps talking about isn't a literal cup. Second, I think there is some science with the sugar and ph levels not included in the videos. Third, I don't think just any juice can be used (see #2).

After some research I found a site that says 1% ratio. We are going to need to go back to the store. I also need to figure out what to do with a bunch of mango goo.

Popping Boba Part One

After watching what feels like thousands of YouTube videos, we're ready to start our experiment.

It turns out there are several different measurement suggestions out there. We are trying six of them. Hopefully something will work.

It's a Friday evening and we are mixing up our juice solution tonight, letting it sit in the refrigerator over night to let the bubbles settle and continuing with the experiment tomorrow.

The Juice Experiment:

1/4 teaspoon of sodium alginate
1 cup of juice
1/2 teaspoon of sodium alginate
1 cup of juice
teaspoon of sodium alginate
1 cup of juice 
1/4 teaspoon of sodium alginate
1 cup of juice after being reduced over heat
1/2 teaspoon of sodium alginate
1 cup of juice after being reduced over heat
teaspoon of sodium alginate
1 cup of juice after being reduced over heat

Step One: Blend juice and sodium alginate until totally combined. Cover, label, and refrigerate. 

Today was crazy! And then...

Some days all I need is a shaky poor quality phone video to remind me in the end it's worth it...

These are not the same parents I grew up with!

My parents dog at the table, in a restaurant, having lunch with the rest of the family. 

Really they stopped the sex ed lesson there!

As you have surely heard, we have started our Human Growth and Reproduction unit. We are talking about the male and female reproductive systems. Your son had a great question in today's lesson that falls outside of our learning targets for fourth grade. I suggested he talk to Mom or Dad. The question was about how does a girl get a sperm? This was after explaining that the sperm fertilizes an egg. 

I wanted to give you a heads up about your son's question. Not a bad question, but not what we teach in fourth grade. :)

Island Life.

Look our own private island! 

I could not stop myself...

Step One: Have your children toss their corn cob scraps in the fire.
Step Two: Secretly add popcorn kernels to the fire.
Step Three: Watch the festivities and awe begin.
Step Four: Explain the trick.
Step Five: Explain the trick again, because they witnessed the corn cobs pop and they never noticed any popcorn kernels.
Steps Six through Ten: Repeat step five.
Step Eleven: Admit you never put popcorn kernels in the fire, even though you did, because... It's just easier that way.

So this happened

After growing our hair out all school year, it finally reaches ponytail length. We will be pretty all summer now. Someone is very excited.

Christmas Card Throwback.

I still love this magnet I made over a decade ago for our family Christmas Card. I wonder what I should do this year? 

A good night for a fire.