Twins Game!

William, Charles,  & Robert sang the National Anthem at the Twins Game. 

You can see them on the field they are the blurry blobs in the center of the photos and in the beginning of the video. 
It was a fun day at the field with family. The boys each got lunch in a large plastic baseball cap and the Twins won. 

The Video

Ask Me How My Week Was?

School has started again. The curiosity and impulse control features in my children's brains have gone bonkers. 

They made chalk paint and rubbed it all over the car mirrors. 

They put on roller blades and took off down the street on a bikes (no helmets). 

They took apart the kitchen stools and used the tops as freebies...

AND use the garage roof as a target.

All of the above makes putting together the humidifier, taking a small frying pan, and trying to cook a tomato with the steam look almost cute.

Watermelon Seed Spiting Contest

We had too much fun at the farmer's market this week. Right next to our favorite jam supplier was a Watermelon Seed Spiting Contest. Robert won 1st place for the 9 and under age group. William won 1st place for th 10 - 12 age group with a 20 foot seed spit. Charles had fun, but was on the low end of distance. They all enjoyed a snack of watermelon. Besides our jam we picked up some corn and beans for dinner. 

Candy Store Fun

We made a quick trip to the candy store before it closes for the season. This place has so many fun things to see. It also has great new a different treats to try.

Zombie House!

Our house is starting to get in the holiday spirit.

Looking Back...

As I was cleaning out the other website and start to delete and move things I found a calendar for the twins.

Jul 18, 2006 ~ 1st Doctor Appointment – Due Date March 15th
Jul 25, 2006 ~ Ultrasound – Twins!! – New Due Date March 7th!
Aug 8, 2006 ~ Week #10
Aug 22, 2006 ~ Week #12
Sep 5, 2006 ~ Week #14
Sep 19, 2006 ~ Week #16
Oct 3, 2006 ~ Week #18
Oct 17, 2006 ~ Week #20
Oct 31, 2006 ~ Week #22
Oct 31, 2006 ~ Ultrasound #2 – 2 Boys!!
Nov 14, 2006 ~ Week #24
Nov 28, 2006 ~ Week #26
Dec 10, 2006 ~ Baby Shower – Thanks Ward & Sue
Dec 12, 2006 ~ Week #28
Dec 17, 2006 ~ Traveling Restrictions Start
Dec 26, 2006 ~ Week #30
Dec 28, 2006 ~ Ultra Sound #3 (This is where they noticed something odd with Charles Kidneys.)
Jan 3, 2007  ~ Ultra Sound #4  (This is where they said it was a normal “boy” issue and he would “outgrow it” before he was born. (HA))
Jan 9, 2007 ~ Week #32
Jan 23, 2007 ~ Week #34
Feb 6, 2007 ~ Week #36
Feb 8, 2007 ~ Twins Birthday!!
Mar 7, 2007 ~ Due Date

8 to 7 at the fair, one last time

Two 30 minute bus rides and 10 hours walking the fair grounds equals a fun and a little sad last trip to the fair.

9 to 9 Fair Fun

Two 30 minute bus rides and 11 hours walking the fair grounds equals a fabulous 2nd trip to the fair.

We got on the bus to the fair at 9 AM.
30 minutes in a line for chocolate popovers. They were not good. We won't be doing that again.
Bunnies! There were so many bunnies to visit with.
A little Horse competition and a few cows.
Pigs and Goats oh my.
Fun at the horse barn.
We watched a calf and piggies being born.
You'll never guess who we saw at the Senior Center.
History and fun. The boys made corn husk dolls.
Lunch Time. 
Time to WORK.
We worked up an appetite for dinner.
And cookies and taffy too.
9 PM and we arrived back at our car.