Sad News, Tequila

Today we buried our loved Tequila (pictured right). He was on the mend from a hurt foot when a cold snap came in overnight before we had our furnace on. Unfortunately, Tequila came down with a cold and with his week immune system he did not recover. Tequila was a fabulous bird who came into our house understanding Spanish. 

We had a skateboard issue.

Or a why I should listen to my mom and wear a helmet even when I'm just in the driveway day. Either way, the ground won. The forehead, eye, nose, and lip lost. 

Cookies and Cream Cake.

Fabulously fabulous! Loved the cake. Best when cut into 12 or 16. 8 slices makes for a meal. Mine was the individual not chocolate cake in the middle, but I tried the big cake too. Yum, yum, yum.

Carlos Bakery!!!

We made it to the Minneapolis location. The kids had so much fun. Yes, we drove down for a cake, cookies and cream. FYI, the canolli cake is one of the best cakes I've ever eaten.

Copy and Paste this link to the Las Vegas Carlos Bakery story:

Grad Photos

My youngest daughter is graduating high school. 
Grad Party save the date: June 9th

There were so many photos it was almost impossible to decide our favorites.
Here they are...

Josephene Rhea, Class of 2018

AND because one of us is planning to complete a double major in 4 years (or less), she will be entering her 1st year of college with 18 to 24 credits (depending on how the classes transfer).

So, here is our first of many photos dedicated to the class 2022.

Why we went to Iowa in Oct.

In August Josephene received an acceptance letter from her 1st choice school, Wartburg. This past weekend we traveled to Iowa for the Knights Priority Scholarship Days. She filled out the paperwork on Friday and is now a knight. She also received the Presidential Scholarship. 


We had a weekend getaway. There was swimming, and arcades, and food. 

Wiskey and Ginger

Thanks to a fun weekend away with the ladies, I found a new drink. Last night was date night and I had a few. I had two, exactly two.

Today I woke up and could not find my shoes. They were gone. I enlisted the help of the boys. No one could find them. 

As time went on I started to question date night. What was in those drinks? Did I really only have two? In all the years I've gone out drinking I've never lost my shoes before. This was starting to concern me.

Ten long minutes went by. Then for no reason at all, I remembered something my youngest daughter said to me when I came home the night before. "Mom, I need black flats for my concert tomorrow. I don't have any so I'm going to wear yours."

I knew I only had two drinks...