Charles, an almost kind of, sorta update...

Charles was given the all clear by his pediatrician. We are now entering the wait period of our hurry up and wait saga. In July he will be having a renal scan and visiting with his urologist. His appointment with Nephrology is in October. No news is good news, and that's it for now.

Charles Yearly Dr Appointment

See Charles. 
See Charles happy. 
See Charles Sad.

What started as a routine yearly ultrasound and check up at the urologist ended with a trip back to the lab and two new Doctor appointments.

We do not know a lot right now, so there is not much to share. What we do know is he lost 7 pounds and is at his 2015 weight. He has an appointment with his pediatrician next week. We are waiting to hear when he can get into nephrology. 

Charles vs Dinner

It was make your own sandwich night. I've never seen a croissant used as a filling before.

Before And After

Our very last before and after photo of our 2 year, $15,000 adventure.

MOA Quick Stop

William and Charles used the ride pass the received for Dare graduation & Robert and Josephene have some fun at the Disney store.