Meistersinger Honor Choir

Josephene Singing at Wartburg. 2018 Meistersinger Honor Choir - Bright Morning Stars arr. Shawn Kirchner

PS: the sleeping photo is fake.

Road Trip, 1st of the year!

Surprise!!! We went to Iowa. Lots of pool time and cable tv. 

Cub Foods Re Grand Opening

Charles had a lot of fun. The store looks great. Still not going to shop there. Aldi is half the price and for the stuff I can't get at Aldi... the deals at Hy-Vee are so much better than Cub.

The story of my car.

Many many years ago, I purchased a new car. Not a new to me car. An honest right off the lot new car. Shortly after we took my new car with us camping. I believe Anthony was 4 years old. 

My cute and cuddly little boy decided he would be very smart and write his name on my car. I was not there. I did not see him or stop him. Luckily for him my friend Rebecca found him with a Rock writing his name on the hood of my car. The 'A' filled most of the hood. I can't remember how upset I was at the time, but I can tell you that he is lucky Rebbeca found him and not me. That 'A' stayed in the hood of my car all these years. I grew to love that 'A'. That 'A' brings me smiles when I think of it.

A few weeks ago my cute and no longer cuddly (by his choice) young man took my black car out for the day. I was not available when he called, but I did get this voice mail. "Pick up the phone, I just spun out." A few conversations later and we decided he should be okay to drive it back home.

The next day Andrew looked at the car and told us what we already knew. The front frame was bent, the headlights where close to falling off, the driver side door didn't open. These were all things we could fix, so although it wouldn't look pretty, it still worked. Plus, it was the kids car to drive now and I didn't need to drive it. 

Then my cute and cuddly husband informed us of a few things we didn't see in the dark the evening before. The conversation started like this, "Did you know the radiator is cracked?" And it ended like this, "Did you know you can drive from Woodbury to Crystal no issues without a working radiator when it is negative 20 out."

And with that my little black car was totalled. It was only fitting that the 4 year old boy who was the first to damage my new car when it was only a few months old would turn out to be the same young man who totalled it 15 years later.

TWO date nights in TWO days!

Yes, it's true. We had two date nights in one week. On Tuesday we went to Frankies in New Hope. The have a great happy hour and Tuesday is $1 mystery beer night. Then on Wednesday we went to P.F. Chang's. #1 happy hour. #2 we earned a free meal reward. So, I got the $6 lettuce wraps (so good) and Andrew ordered the surf and turf (free). Plus we ordered 2 apps, hot tea, and 2 desserts. Why? Because the kids were at home eatting made from scratch black bean soup with whole wheat rolls, and we wanted too. 

Winter Break - Lady Bug Pottery

We had a Groupon. We went over our spending limit by $25, but it was worth it. Look at all of our creations. We even have a handmade Mr. Pickle for next year. 

100% recomed this place. Friendly staff, nice selection, prices are not too high. Also not too crowded in the morning. It got a little crazy as the morning turned to afternoon. 

In a few weeks we will have our finished products.

Happy Pickle Party

Our favorite night of the year has come and gone. Dec. 31st, also known as pickle party night. The night we snack on appetizers, drink out of champaign glasses,  watch Rock in Eve, and open all of the pickle prizes won over the last 6 weeks.