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Great Gram. Phoebe Bartlett & Grandma Mabel Hall (No Date)

About 1918 (Grapa Hall, Gradma Hall, Raymond Barllett, Joey Boy Barllett, Lois & Ruth Barllett - me (grandma Janet) - (two lines I can not read)

About 1939 (Gr Grandma Ida Winberg, Grandma O, Fred)

1937 or 1938 (Janet O, Grapa Hall, Gr. Gradma Hall or Gr. Gra Bartlett, probably Fred)

Mid Early 1900's (Frank & Mabel Hall)

Hall Home on Glenwood St (5331 Gleenwwod St., Duluth, MN)

May 15, 1937. Married. (Les and Janet)

Ostenberg House (No Date)

Prior to 1943 (Ethel & Charles Ostenberg)

Ostenberg House (No Date)

Feb. 16, 1938 (Ostenberg House)

Aug. 1932 (Lucille and Lester Ostenberg)

Lester and Lucille Ostenberg (1918)
Lester and Lucille Ostenberg (1916)

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